Why Our Software?

See how our automation tool can help you claim your refund back without any hassle

100% Automated Finding Cases

Our software automatically checks for missing and loss inventory and automatically notify you if there is any possible case

Open Case Automatically

Never touch a hand on opening case manually, our software automatically opens a case for you

The Most Affordable Service

You pay only 12% for what we've recovered from your account. Other service charges up to 25%

Amazon TOS Compliant

Our service is 100% compliant with Amazon TOS. You do not pay a dime until you get your money back

Always Be on the Lookout

Our tool will automatically find new opportunities for filing Amazon refund for your business. The software constantly monitors your inventory for loss and damaged items that need reimbursement

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Chrome Extension

Our Chrome extension will assist in opening new cases. The tool can even handle opening all cases automatically

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The Most Affordable Solution

You do not have to pay for a dime until you are actually reimbursed by Amazon. Our tool will automatically track how much you are reimbursed and bill your account.

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