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Algorithmic Repricing Tool

Gain competitive edge over your competitors with our algorithmic repricing tool. The smart repricer will optimize your product price to maximize your profit and have a stronger chance of winning the Buy Box. No more race to bottom pricing, SellerDashboard.ai will automatically find the price that helps you meet your sales goal while maintaining the optimal Buy Box rate.

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Predictive Restocking Tool

See past sales history of your inventory to make informed purchase for restocking. You can also generate a list of purchase orders that need to be mailed to the vendors. All within few clicks

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FBA Workflow

Send to FBA warehouses faster and smarter with our FBA workflow. The tool automates multiple FBA steps and cut down the time in half in preparing paperwork for sending to FBA. You can also track your FBA performance overtime, helps increase the efficiency and FBA sales

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Amazon FBA Refund

SellerDashboard.ai can help you get your money back from Amazon, when they mistakenly do not credit your account with lost inventory, customer not returned refunded purchases, shipper losing the product and many such instances. Given the size of their operations and the complexity of logistics they deal with everyday, this amount can run into thousands for you, if left undealt with.

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Other Features

There are more features in our app that will assist in your day to day Amazon operation


SellerDashboard.ai supports selling product kit and product bundle easily

User Management

Easily assign role to your worker and control which access they are granted in your organization

Powerful Dashboard

Detailed picture of how your business is doing with day-to-day stats

Helpful Support

Our friendly support team is there if you run into any questions